An Active Fall Season

Prairie Urban Farm

Salsa Canning Session


After growing a bumper crop of tomatoes, a group of volunteers got together to make salsa and can it in jars to use over the winter.

Michelle Peters-Jones showed us how to prepare the salsa, using both ripe and green tomatoes. 

After filling the jars, they were put in a pressure cooker to seal the jars and preserve the salsa. We were then able to take some home to enjoy. A big thank you to Michelle for helping us learn a new skill.


Garlic Planting Session and Winter Garden Prep


A large group of U of A Alumni helped us plant four different varieties of garlic. We also spent some time preparing the beds so that brassicas can be added in alternating rows with the garlic as a form of companion planting. Garlic is great for repelling a number of garden pests, and brassicas are very susceptible to a handful of pests, e.g. the cabbage moth.

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