Thank You

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who have donated their time and put in so much hard work on the farm. Creating this food system wouldn't be possible without the community of people involved in this project.

Prairie Urban Farmers weeding the newly planted beets.

Also, a big thank you to those who have donated to Prairie Urban Farm so far.

  • Kuhlmann's Market Garden for being the first donor in our Adopt-a-Tree program!
  • U of A's Devonian Botanical Garden for donating their time, greenhouse space, knowledge, and plants! Thank you for your partnership in this project.
  • Deepali, Joanne, Laura, Stephen, Iris, Diana for their donation of berry cuttings, strawberries, and other plants
  • Edmonton Organic Growers Guild for their donation of plants and knowledge
  • Green and Gold Garden for their mentorship.
  • Barry Irving for the enormous amount of time, help, and advice he's put into making the project a success
  • Tom Mclean and Landscape Services for their support and donation of materials
  • Alberta Urban Garden's Stephen Legaree for his donation of plants, knowledge, and time

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