2020 Season Update

Prairie Urban Farm


The COVID19 Pandemic has several implications for Prairie Urban Farm. The most immediate one is that the University of Alberta is requiring us (and all other groups involved in field activities) to submit rigorous health and safety plans for review and approval. And until that time, we are prevented from setting foot on the Farm.

Our health and safety plans, which we have been furiously working on this past week, will likely be approved very soon. The only real frustrating thing is the weather is so beautiful right now, it's hard to be patient.

We will have some new safety rules in place:
  • Before you participate in any activities on the farm, you must sign a waiver form
  • You will also be required to bring your own gloves, since sharing gloves can pose a virus infection risk
  • You must bring a mask with you (it can be home made so long as it covers your nose and mouth) for use in group settings

Meanwhile, I know several of you have been growing seedlings for us, and your babies might be ready for transplanting! One of our volunteers, Nils, shared this video with instructions for how to make your own pots out of old newspaper, hence no plastic waste, no trips to the store. 

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